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With Our team of experts in Software Programming, Electricians and Artisans we will provide the very best and fully interrogated range of service  and partners to fit your life style as well as your budget. We are the best so we do not compromise on the best, we create peace on mind knowing you and your family are protected, secure and comfortable in working with the best.  

Our Services

Security Camera's

Camera's Installations

Security Camera Installations, with full and experienced camera connectivity and installation, we provide full security measures.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote Monitoring

With our specialised team, we can ensure that we provide a full remote monitoring system, both with mobile off site remote monitoring systems, as well as monitoring venues, for your 24 hour surveillance monitoring.

Home Automation

Home Automation

With a large variety of home automation systems we we can provide, a full and comprehensive home automation systems to encompass your life style to ensure complete control, ease and sophistication.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual

With our full range of Partners we provide a full audio visual experience to excite the senses ensnare the imagination for your budget and life style and pure enjoyment

Home Theatre

Home Theatre

With Everything you need for your own personal move space, we can create your own theatre in the comfort of your own home, you will not want to leave the theatre


Electronic Devices

We will provide and source a full range of Electronics to support you and your budget lifestyle and any other way of life to ensure you sty connect in touch and on the go.

Security Services

Leading in Camera Installations

Nicche Electronics is committed to a full security service in the installation and placement of different camera's to ensure that each area is monitored and checked.

Camera placement

We offer a variety of Camera's to suit your budget your life style to ensure that your business your family are protected and monitored 24 hour day to ensure that your property and love ones are protected

Mobile Monitoring

Our systems are full integrated for mobile monitoring with any device when connected to internet with fully secure login parameters.

Monitoring Command Centres

We will design build and customise any command centre for full monitoring capabilities for all camera systems and area surveillance for your budget and your lifestyle to ensure your capabilities fo control.

Trussing Structures


Preparation of Trussing

We will Prepare the structure for the receiving and installation of the trussing for maximum effectiveness and sustainability.


Installing the Truss

Installing the trussing structure with precision, accuracy and with the highest regard and purpose for safety is paramount.



In terms of the rigging this is held in the highest regard to safety and ensuring the correct size and position to ensure that maximum exposure, and placement is correct.



Correct Placement and fitting is ensured to have the maximum exposure of the lighting that is placed on the truss, works with the, correct area light displacement and coverage in the area.

Equipment Preparation

Equipment Preparation

Equipment Preparation is to ensure that the correct lights and equipment is place on the trussing to ensure that correct angle and coverage of the light, so that light coverage is optimal.


Lifting the Truss

Lifting and Hanging the Truss is of the highest and on the top of the agenda, as it must be lifted, as one unit to ensure that fixing and securing the truss is done and that it is placed correctly.

Our Proud Partners.

We at Nicche Electronics have an amazing and proud history with out partners, so that we at Nicche Electronics can supply and create a truly remarkable life style experience. 

Nicche Electronics Cable Preparation